At Forth Rite Fire we pride ourselves on being a local family business that is based in Edinburgh and services the whole of the UK. Accept no substitutes or imitations.

We service, supply and maintain all makes of extinguisher, including Water, Foam, Powder and CO2. Our engineers can come to your premises and do the work discreetly and without interruption to your day.

Our engineers are also able to show your staff how to safely handle the extinguishers.

chrome extinghuishersWe can also supply, maintain and install:
• fire blankets
• extinguisher stands
• trolleys
• fire buckets
• hose reels
• break glass points
• fire cabinets
• emergency lighting
• safety signage
• fire and smoke detectors

As well as equipment we have a specialist team of trainers that can train your staff in all aspects of fire safety, including Fire Wardens. Our team can also supply you with fire logbooks.

Our team also includes risk assessors that can provide your business with the correct advice and documents to make your business comply with current legislation.

Test It Tuesday

Also for person and business check your smoke alarm the first of the month.