All Tied Up

Does this look familiar? Can you look under your desk and see this just now?

This is quite a common sight in the office and sometime even in your home. Extension cables plugged in to extension cables just so they can reach. Running multiple extension cables of each other is a hazard. If there are knots in the wires or they are all tied up together is a hazard. Having your plugs and extension cables organised means that if one of the cables gets a fault it can be quickly identified. Cables that are bundled up can heat up and if there is a fault can start a fire.

When we carry out risk assessments this is something we come across and our advice is simple, just take 10 minutes to tidy it up, a long lead extension cable doesn’t have to cost the earth. Cable ties and tidies are also inexpensive and easy to come by. These simple things could save you hundreds and even thousands of pounds if something were to happen.

If you would like any advice or a risk assessment carried out on your premises please give us a call and we will happily chat to you and make arrangements for a visit.