At Forth Rite Fire we can supply and service everything thing you need whether it’s for a shop, an office, construction site or a petrochemical complex.

Fire Extinguishers – click to view the catalogue

When purchasing fire extinguishers you must ensure that you have the correct type of appliance for the risks in your premises. Every fire extinguisher must be serviced in accordance with the current British standards. Something you must be aware of is a new extinguisher bought from an external supplier because of a great price does not guarantee that it is in proper working order or that it meets with your needs or legal requirements these still need to be commissioned prior to use. Our team can advise you on your requirements and give you the correct product for the risk involved.

Transport brackets and boxes

These products are mainly supplied to be fitted into trucks, caravans, vans, boats and ships. These products are supplied and fitted to your vehicles on your premises.

Fire Dectection

Battery operated smoke detectors are fine for small areas which maybe heard in all corners. For larger premises and HMO’s a fixed system would be required. Large offices, factories and shops a fire alarms system comprising of break glass, smoke and heat detection with sirens and strobes would be better covered by this system. Again our engineers can advise with these requirements.

Push bars and push pads

For emergency escape route doors push bars, push pads, self door closers and break glass bolts can be supplied and fitted. These products are required for offices and factory outlets and we can advise on the most suitable product for you premise.

Intumescent fillers and sleeves

These are to prevent smoke and flame penetration  in walls and roofs. Construction companies, joiners and plumbers who require these products can contact us for a full list of items available.

Construction site safety points

These items are capable of holding fire extinguishers, alarms and site safety data. These are also suitable for caravan sites, open air events and can be rented or bought from ourselves. Please contact us for information.

Interior stands

To allow floor mounted extinguishers to be installed and to prevent damage to walls. These products are suitable for nursery’s, nursing homes, day care centres, doctor/dental surgery’s and commercial outlets. We can supply these in different colours suitable to your decor.


For all these products plus such more please contact our office for a catalogue.